What We Do

HCPC’s work generally fits within one of four programs:

Ecosystem Conservation

This is our defensive work, monitoring projects planed on public land by federal agencies (usually the Forest Service) to ensure that all rules and laws are being followed. The types of projects we monitor include old growth timber saleslivestock grazing plans, mining projects, and long-term management plans such as the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Travel Plan and the Forest Plan revision.

Restoration & Collaboration

We also work with the agencies and local communities to develop and implement restoration projects that help repair the land for the benefit of native plants and wildlife along with water quality. Our primary focus is the restoration of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, implementing the impressive Comprehensive Management Plan for the NRA with the Hells Canyon Stewardship and Restoration Collaborative that we facilitate.

Native Wildlife Recovery

In addition to protecting and restoring the land itself, we work to bring back species that were once native to this area, or strengthen native species in decline. Our current emphases for this program are bighorn sheep, wolves and fish.

Education & Outreach

Building theMovement. Without the backing of our members we cannot achieve our goals. We not only need you to support us financially, but we also need you to get involved and Take Action. Together we can affect change on a much broader scale than any of us working alone.


We couldn’t do our work without our sponsors and grantors.  Thank you for making this work possible!