Conservation and Social Change Groups We Work With:

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Links to Outfitters on the Snake and Grande Ronde Rivers:
You can feel comfortable booking your Snake River adventure with any of these affiliated outfitters.

O.A.R.S. Hells Canyon Rafting
Hells Canyon Rafting
Each year OARS donates 50% of the trip proceeds from one of their
Hells Canyon departures for a significant annual contribution to HCPC!

Sundog Expeditions
Sundog periodically offers HCPC benefit river trips
on the Snake River and the Grande Ronde River.

Hughes River Expeditions, Inc.
Hughes River Expeditions Inc. regularly donates a few seats
on their Snake River trip to our Fall Gala silent auction.

Winding Waters River Expeditions
Winding Waters offers special educational journeys through Hells Canyon
and also donates a few seats on a Grande Ronde trip to our Fall Gala Silent Auction.



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