Take Action : Speak up for Wildlife and Quiet Recreation

Take Action : Speak up for wildlife and quiet recreation -

Read about the map analysis of the Travel Plan on the HCPC blog:
Analysis confirms Wallowa-Whitman Travel Plan Decision leaves plenty of access 

Keep up your support for a strong Travel Management Plan Decision for our Wallowa Whitman National Forest!!

Let Oregon’s Senators, Rep. Walden, and the Forest Service know you support a strong Travel Plan Decision!

You can call Senator Wyden at :  (202) 224-5244   (Washington DC office) or email him

You can call Senator Merkley at  (202) 224-3753 (Washington DC office) or email him

You can call Representative Walden at   (202) 225-6730  (Washington DC office)  or email him

You can email the USFS Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Please write Letters to the Editor:
Now is your opportunity to speak out in support of protecting and restoring the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest as it is impacted by motorized use.  We urge you to speak up for the protection of wildlife, water quality, native plant communities, old growth forests, traditional recreation, natural sounds and solitude, and all the special areas you love!!  You can still voice your support for the Natural Heritage Alternative, the alternative that would provide the greatest level of resource protection of any of the alternatives. And voice your support for your right to enjoy traditional non-motorized recreation free from rampant motorized use.

Here are some suggested talking points that describe why closing unnecessary roads is so critical to the natural resources and traditional recreation of the Wallowa Whitman National Forest:

  • Science clearly shows that fewer roads in riparian areas and fewer stream crossings will best protect water quality and fisheries by reducing erosion.
  • Elk numbers are currently on a downward trend and reducing road density, especially in critical elk habitat areas would yield the biggest increase in big game security habitat, and reduce big game poaching.
  • Improve protection of old growth forests.  Fewer roads will reduce illegal cutting of snags from rare, old growth forests.
  • Protect all Roadless Areas which will protect these ecologically critical areas and reduce conflicts between user groups.
  • Prevent the spread of noxious weeds.
  • Protect natural sounds and solitude for traditional uses such as walking, horseback riding, birding, hunting, fishing and backpacking.

Submit letters to:

La Grande Observer:   news@lagrandeobserver.com

Baker City Herald:   news@bakercityherald.com

Wallowa County Chieftain:   editor@wallowa.com

Please email a copy of your letter to David Mildrexler, HCPC Ecosystem Conservation Coordinator.

The local county commissioners need to hear from us 
They will be carrying comments to a meeting they will have with the Forest Service.  Please CALL or EMAIL your county commissioners and let them know you support a strong Travel Plan Decision that protects wildlife and quiet recreation!!

Union County Commissioners
Phone:  541-963-1001
Steve McClure smcclure@union-county.org
Bill Rosholt brosholt@union-county.org
Mark Davidson mdavidson@union-county.org
Shelley Burges (Executive Assistant) sburgess@union-county.org

Baker County Commissioners
Phone:  541-523-8200
Fred Warner Jr. (Chair)  fwarner@bakercounty.org
Carl E. Stiff, M.D.  cstiff@bakercounty.org
Tim L. Kerns    tkerns@bakercounty.org
Heidi Martin (Executive Assistant)   hmartin@bakercounty.org

Wallowa County Commissioners
Phone:  541-426-4543
Mike Hayward (Chair)   mhayward@co.wallowa.or.us
Paul Castilleja    pcastilleja@co.wallowa.or.us
Susan Roberts   sroberts@co.wallowa.or.us
Sandy Lathrop  (Executive Assistant)   slathrop@co.wallowa.or.us
For more information: Read our E-Alert, HCPC’s  Press Release, and follow this link  to access the Forest Service documents.

Your voice in support of wildlands needs to be heard!

THANK YOU for taking action!